We love Elena! I was referred to her by a friend who spoke highly of her and her methods to treat skin problems. I can only confirm this!

My daughter (7y) had a pretty bad skin issue (along with coughing) which was diagnosed as nummular eczema by a skin doctor. The steroid creme that I was prescribed didn’t have any healing effects, so I had to look further for help. Elena used a special technique named NAET (very new to me)  to figure out the source and eliminate the ingredients in her diet that could have triggered the skin symptoms. Very importantly, after a few sessions we also looked into the emotional aspect that could have been part of the source as well. During the entire therapy my daughter took some Chinese herbs that Elena recommended to take to stabilize her digestive and respiratory system. My daughter finally started healing inside and outside and she can even eat the food that we eliminated from our diet for a long time. 

Elena is a very warm, kind and helpful person. My daughter felt really comfortable and connected with her on a personal level. We cannot thank her enough!!

                                                                                                                                                 ~ So-Min and Yuni


I came to Elena in a desperate state for treatment of what seemed to me like an untreatable and unknown condition because for almost 3 years, I never felt right whether it was after I ate or in the morning just as I woke up. She gave me treatments for allergies, stress, digestion and energy balancing using NAET, acupuncture, medical massages and herbal supplements.

 Elena's consistent work completely addressed my problems. I wish I could better articulate how much her and her treatment helped me and my life! I feel more relaxed, balanced, and happy. And most importantly, I no longer have constant digestion issues. I am so grateful to have met and been treated by her. I am also thankful for her positive, comforting, and compassionate energy. 

Thank you Elena!

                                                                                                                     ~ M.Q.                      


I found myself in the space of not knowing how to best help myself heal after having found a numerous of health problems that showed up unexpectedly. When I came to see Elena, I was suffering from Chronic Asthma problems, and also suffering from an autoimmune disease called Grave's Disease, which is a derived from Hyperthyroidism. I found Elena through a friend, and not also did she help me heal both the asthma and my thyroid problem, she did so while being extremely patient, loving, and generous with her tips and wisdom. All of it together has brought me back to myself and to health, and I would recommend Elena to everyone and anyone who is looking for a top notch healer and acupuncturist.

                                                                                                                                                      ~ J.P.

Elena has an amazing healing touch. I have gone to her  for years for everything from digestive issues, to allergies, to pain, to inflammation. The acupuncture combined with Elena's beautiful healing energy works absolute wonders. I always leave the office renewed, rejuvenated and definitely a lot happier than I came. She's also been treating my son for 3 years. She's used NAET and colorpuncture on him which has helped a lot with allergies, hyperactivity, and congestion. He loves going to see his magic doctor Elena!
Out of all the healing modalities, acupuncturists, massage therapists and healers I have gone to over the years- Elena is simply THE BEST. I hugely recommend her.

                                                                                                                                                        ~ G. G.